Who we are

Ian, Eve and me

We are a home educating family living in rural Scotland.

There’s our daughter Eve, aged 5, me, Sarah and Ian.

We enjoy all kinds of activities, however, living where we do we are very much an outdoor family regardless of the weather. One of Eve’s favourite things to do is go camping.
However, we also enjoy doing fun stuff in the house including crafts and baking.

We do not follow any curriculum as such and focus most of our efforts of having fun at this stage. We loosely follow a theme every month or so and try and base our activities around this.

Eve is a very adaptable little girl so we can easily try things and it doesn’t matter if they don’t go quite to plan!

We are new to websites and blogging so please go easy on us.

We have an active Facebook page as well as a Pinterest board too so check these out.