Solar system & space display

Eve’s awesome solar system display

Eve is fascinated by space even though she is only 4. So we decided to make our own solar system display on the wall.

First job, to paint the wall…

Eve loved painting!

Next job was to sort out the title. So I printed off the right letters and left Eve to colour them in however she wanted. I think we were both pleased with the end result.

Next onto the planets. First we had to research each planet’s colour and then find a picture that we thought we would be able to copy. This proved harder than i thought, but we got there eventually.

We decided to use mostly paint for our planets as it was one of the easiest options and Eve loves paint. However, we decided to use different painting techniques for each of the planets.

We then needed to decide on sizes. So we started off with Mercury, the smallest planet, and found a suitably sized round object to draw around. And then went from there, choosing different sized round objects depending on the size of the planet. Please note, this is not to scale, lol.

Then to get paining.

Mercury (grey and brown) – Being a rocky planet with a mixture of grey and brown we decided on a ‘splodging’ technique. Yes, a very technical description i know, lol. But basically Eve mixed up some grey (black and white) and brown (green and red) and then put coloured splodges of each in her drawn circle. Then left it to dry.

Venus (yellow and orange) – For this planet, Eve painted it yellow and orange just with a paint brush. However, for a finishing touch, she used a toothbrush dipped in yellow paint and then rubbed it with finger to create a splattering effect. Then leave to dry.

Great use for an old toothbrush

Earth (Blue and green, with some white) – Eve’s Earth didn’t end up looking much like Earth as she got carried away, lol. We used sponges (Make up sponges from Poundland) for this effect. One sponge per colour, then just dipped the sponge in the paint and pressed onto the paper circle. Again, when happy leave to dry.


Mars (red and orange) – For this planet we used the ‘cling film’ technique. This involved squeezing drops of yellow, orange and a bit of red paint onto the circle, covering it in cling film and then smoothing it out with your fingers until you’re happy. Then leave to dry.

Add drops of paint to the circle…
…then cover with cling film and smooth out the paint to get desired effect

Jupiter (light brown and red) and Saturn (light brown and yellow) – Eve simply painted these. She mixed a really nice light brown colour (green, red, yellow and white) and then carefully painted both planets whilst looking at an image in her space book.


Uranus (light blue and white) – I think this was the most fun planet we did. This involved using shaving cream!! We got a tray and squirted a layer of shaving cream along the bottom. Then carefully added drops of the blue paint into the shaving cream. Next we took a wooden skewer and drew circles and swirls through the shaving cream. When we were happy, we carefully placed the piece of paper with the drawn circle on top of the shaving cream and gently pressed it down for a few seconds. We then took it off, and using an old credit card scraped the excess shaving cream off! Then left it to dry and it created these awesome swirls.

Add your paint to the shaving cream then…
…gently press your paper on top. Don’t forget to scrape the excess shaving foam off with an old credit card

Neptune (dark blue and purple) – Eve had had enough of painting so we decided for the last plane to do tissue paper. So we got out dark blue and purple tissue paper and some glue. Eve then ripped up small pieces and stuck them onto the circle where she chose based on the picture in her book.

Once all of the planets were dry, those that needed cutting out, Eve cut out and then we got round to sticking then up on our wall!!! Exciting!!!

Then end result looked even better than i thought it would. Eve did an amazing job, very proud of her!


Hi, I'm Sarah, a home education mum living in rural Scotland.

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