Learning about countries through cooking

Eve loves to bake especially cakes, big ones! Which is great, but not so great on my waistband!

As time has been progressing i have been finding it trickier to choose recipes and make new learning happen as Eve likes making similar cakes with fondant. Which of course is great and the results are awesome, but i don’t feel she is learning new skills.

So i came up with a concept of choosing a different country per week and selecting a classic recipe/dish from that country and cooking/making it. It could be a cake, or a main meal or a pudding, etc. We would do some research to find traditional cuisine for that country and choose one to make. Eve loved this idea! Must admit, i was pretty excited too.

To add to the learning i decided we should learn a bit about the country as well. So i plan on printing off a world map and getting Eve to find the country using an Atlas then colouring it in. I was also thinking a colour the country flag would be a good idea too. And perhaps learning a few basic phrases in that country’s language, like ‘hello’, ‘my name is…’ etc.

If you’re keen to give this a go follow this blog for our ideas and recipes

Blank world maps can be found here


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