Eve’s American pen-pals

Eve has had a pen-pal now for over a year and it has been an amazing experience for her (and me). Although writing letters and having pen-pals is an outdated concept i would highly recommend it. You just do not get the same experience with emails and texts, etc.

Eve’s is so excited when she gets packages from her pen-pals

We are members of a Facebook group for home educated children who are looking for a pen-pal. And it was on here that we found Callum and Audrey (i have changed their names for their own privacy). They are brother and sister, age 5 and 3 living in Arizona, Texas, USA. So i messaged their mum and we exchanged addresses.

That was last February 2018. Since then, we have been exchanging packages backwards and forwards. Within each package is a glimpse into our lives from Scotland and the USA. We include leaflets of places we have been, postcards, flyers, maybe stickers and often little trinkets or mementos. We also include pictures the children have drawn or coloured in and also a letter telling each other about what they’ve been up to.

Eve loved getting Disney leaflets

Eve is always so excited to receive a package from her pen-pals and can’t wait to open it and see what they’ve sent. She is always amazed at the contents and spends a long time looking through the leaflets as their attractions and places are so very different to ours.

Well, Eve received a package today! Super excited. And it was amazing! Her pen-pals had just been to Disneyland in California so had included loads of leaflets with maps of the Disney parks. Eve was so excited! To top it off they had sent her a Tinkerbell ‘E’ key ring. She just looked like all her Christmas’s had come at once. It was such a kind gesture! They had also included a picture drawn by Callum and one by Audrey and some postcards of their travels. Also some stickers which Eve has stuck on her window in her bedroom, and a pin badge which Eve insisted on putting on straight away!

Eve’s most recent parcel she received from her pen-pals

We are so grateful to have such an amazing pen-pal family who are so kind and giving. It has given Eve a massive insight into how other people in other countries live. Not only this but in my opinion it has made her more giving, as everywhere we go she is looking for leaflets, key rings, postcards, etc for her pen-pals. It’s truly lovely.

Eve loves her key ring

Letters are an outdated concept these days but the rewards that Eve is gaining from ‘snail mail’ as they call it are priceless! So lets bring back pen-pals


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