A Happy New Year!

Eve and Tilly – best friends

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have all had a fab start to the year and we wish you health and happiness throughout 2020.

We had a great New Year planned; a wee campfire and camping trip in the Loch Lomond National Park, waking up on New Year’s Day to a new adventure. However…New Year’s Eve morning Eve was sick, bless her, so we had to cancel our plans. Eve was gutted, bless her and quite upset. So New Year’s Eve was spent in pyjamas chilling out watching Star Wars IV.

Eve loved Star Wars, much to Daddy’s excitement!

So New Year’s Day we took it easy. But we still wanted to do something to mark the occasion. So we headed out for a wee walk into the local forest before breakfast. We should have known, but the ‘wee’ walk turned into a big walk followed by a play in the garden. Our breakfast ended up actually being a brunch! We didn’t mind as it meant the Eve was on the mend thank goodness.

Amazing views over Loch Ard

And now to get on with our New Year’s resolutions! We have lots, and an awesome plan! Can’t wait to share it with you. Check back soon for details


Hi, I'm Sarah, a home education mum living in rural Scotland.

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