Ocean Ice Rescue

So carrying on with our ‘under the sea’ theme we created an ocean ice rescue activity. This activity is a favourite of both mine and Eve’s. She loves it and spends hours saving the animals. So today we created a coloured sea creatures ice rescue in line with our current theme.

To make your own ocean ice rescue you just need an empty ice cream tub, blue food colouring, sea creatures and water.

Fill a jug with water then stir in some blue food colouring then pour this into the ice cream tub up to approx 1cm. Then add in a few sea creatures, don’t worry if they float or sink. Leave these to set for an hour in the freezer. Then repeat the process again and again until you have filled the ice cream tub.

Then when all fully set it’s time to play. We use a cat litter tray (don’t worry, it’s never been used by cats) for anything sensory based as it prevents spills etc. So turn the ice cream tub over and gently squeeze/shake the ice block out into the tray. Then give your child whatever ‘tools’ you would like them to have. Eve uses a syringe filled with warm water and a little hammer and chisel.

A fabulous science activity that allows children to explore ice and how it becomes water with addition of heat. If you would like to take this further then try adding salt into the mix.

Have fun!


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