Frozen water bead activity

If you’ve never used water beads before, where have you been??!! You really must! They’re an awesome sensory activity for everyone. We all loved playing with them even my husband!

You can pick them up for a few pound off places like Amazon. All you need to do when they arrive is place them in soak overnight. By morning they will have more than quadrupled in size and be all squidgy and bouncy (I warned you).

They’re brilliant to play with just as the are. Eve had loads if fun scooping them up with a spoon and dividing them into size and colours.

To make the frozen water bead activity, simply take some water beads, place in in a tray/container of your choice, add some water and then pop it in the freezer.

Once frozen set up your ‘play station’. We gave Eve a few different sized paintbrushes, a jug full of warm water and a syringe, and a salt shaker.

And away she went…

Hours of fun, with some great fine motor skills being used as well as good hand and eye co-ordination.

This activity is great because it can be adapted to suit your child and their age/capabilities. You could leave out the salt altogether and instead of a syringe use a pipette, or a small spray bottle filled with warm water. There are lots of possibilities with this amazing activity, so give it a go!


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