How to make ‘fake’ snow

Eve loved making ‘snowcastles’, lol

Today, Eve and me made snow! Fake snow! I’m not really sure why, as it was only within the last few weeks that we’ve had actual snow, and enough of it to go sledging! But hey ho, i wasn’t going to say ‘no’ when Eve came to me this morning clutching a ‘winter’ book open on the page showing how to make fake snow!

So off we went. Luckily, i had all of the ingredients in the house already, otherwise it would have been a quick trip to the shops. All we needed was bicarbonate of soda and shaving foam, a bowl and fork to mix it and a tray to play with it in, simple.

The ingredients used for our ‘snow’

So we started off by measuring out 300g of bicarbonate of soda as that’s how much we had in the house (it’ll work with both more and less quantities) into a big mixing bowl. Eve then squirted in some shaving cream. I’ve no idea how much just a few seconds worth i guess. Then we used a fork to mix it into the bicarbonate of soda.

Eve enjoyed squirting the shaving foam

And you’re ready to go…

Eve loved the texture of the snow

To make snowballs we added a bit more shaving cream and just mixed it in. This is personal preference though. We were able to make snowcastles with our ‘snow’ which Eve thought was amazing!!!


Unfortunately, the ‘snow’ will only last a few days so enjoy it while you can, lol. A great sensory activity for all ages, i certainly had fun, maybe even more than Eve!!


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