Winter themed cake

We’re currently following a vague ‘Winter’ theme at the moment, so decided a bit of baking was in order. Eve loves baking! It is one of her favourite inside activities. This might have something to do with being able to ‘lick out the bowl’ after we’ve finished baking!

Anyway we came up with a few ideas of what a winter cake should look like and settled on the following idea…

  • Blue and white sponge
  • Blue and white buttercream in the middle
  • White glace icing on top
  • Edible glitter to finish it off

Eve always insists on doing ALL the baking herself so i had to make sure the recipe was easy enough but also conveyed a sense of winter.

We started by greasing and lining two 8 inch round cake tins and turning on the oven to 180 degrees centigrade.

Next, the basic sponge mixture;

  • 170g butter
  • 170g sugar
  • 170g self raising flour
  • 3 eggs

Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl with an electric mixer. When it is all mixed in and has a light and fluffy consistency its done. Next gradually add the eggs to the mixture one at a time and mix until well combined. Finally, sieve the flour into the mixture and then carefully fold in so as not to loose the air from the mixture.

Eve loves the mixing part

The next bit involved adding the colouring. Through trial and error in the past i have found gel colouring to the the best by far, not only for a brighter colour but also for cake consistency. So divide your cake mixture into two bowls, leave one plain and add the blue gel colouring to the other bowl. Add a little at a time, you can always add more until you have the desired colour. Once your happy with your colour place a spoonful of blue mixture into each of the cake tins, then a spoonful of the standard cake mixture and so on until you have created a coloured checkerboard effect. Once this is done, take a skewer or fork and make swirl patterns through the mixture.

Eve busy doing swirls in the cake mixture

Once you’re happy, place both cakes in the oven for around 20 mins or so depending on your oven. While they are cooking you can make the buttercream

Simple buttercream recipe;

  • 100g butter
  • 200g icing sugar

Using a mixer beat together the butter adding the icing sugar a little bit at a time. Once fully combined divide the mixture between two bowls. Add blue gel food colouring to one of the bowls, again, a little bit at a time. When you’re happy with the colour place both bowls in the fridge until required

When the cakes are cooked turn them out onto a wire rack to cool. Once cooled, decide which cake will be the bottom and place it on your desired plate, cake stand, or tub lid. Get your two bowls of buttercream out of the fridge and again place spoonfuls of each colour onto your cake base. Make sure you only use two thirds of your buttercream. You will need the rest for the top of the cake. Then again, take a skewer and swirl through the buttercream being careful not to skewer the cake.

Eve swirling the coloured buttercream on her cake base

Once you’re happy with your buttercream carefully place the other sponge on top and put your cake in the fridge along with the remaining buttercream.

Now to move onto the glace icing;

  • 125g icing sugar (sieved)
  • 15ml warm water

The trick when making glace icing is to add the water to the icing sugar a little bit at a time. You want a perfect consistency, not too runny but not too thick. If you do add to much water don’t worry just add a bit more icing sugar. Once your happy with the consistency bring your cake out from the fridge and with a spoon dribble the icing on the top, all over. Then place it back in the fridge to set.

For the final buttercream swirls you will need a piping bag with a flower nozzle and two food bags. Take the buttercreams back out of the fridge and spoon the blue mixture into one food bag and the plain buttercream into the other. Squeeze the mixture down into one corner then carefully cut the corner to create a small hole. Do this for both of the buttercreams and then holding both food bags together place them into the piping bag. Fold down the piping bag or twist the top until the buttercream starts to come out. Get your cake out of the fridge and do a swirl pattern of your choice to decorate the top.

Last but by no means least we added a bit of edible glitter to the top of our cake to give it that bit of shimmer and make it look more ‘frosty’

Place the cake back into the fridge for around 15 minutes until set.

Then…cut a slice and enjoy!!

We hope you found this recipe useful and good luck making your version of a winter cake. Please comment below and share pictures of your cakes.


Hi, I'm Sarah, a home education mum living in rural Scotland.

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